Pozwolenie na użytkowanie dla GreenWings Offices

Green Wings Offces uzyskał prawomocne pozwolenie na użytkowanie. Budynek klasy A, zlokalizowany tuż przy Lotnisku Chopina przy ulicy 17 Stycznia 48, jest obiektem certyfikowanym w ramach BREEAM na poziomie „bardzo dobrym”. Oprócz swoich podstawowych funkcji biurowych jest także jednym z najnowocześniejszych w Polsce centrów konferencyjnych.
W swoim komentarzu prezes OKRE Development Ronnie Richardson stwierdził m.in.: „Postawiliśmy na najwyższą jakoś budownictwa zrównoważonego. Green Wings Offices okazał się atrakcyjny dla najemców pod każdym względem, począwszy od energooszczędności, a na funkcjonalności i najwyższej nowoczesności skończywszy”.


OKRE Grójecka obtained a valid building permit

OKRE Grójecka sp. z o.o. obtained a valid building permit for Grójecka Offices. This newest A class office building will be located at ul. Grójecka 206 in the Ochota borough of Warsaw. This is OKRE’s second project, after GreenWings Offices – in its final completion stage - and will provide 7400 sq m gross rental space.

The benefits of the Grójecka Offices’ location is an excellent neighbourhood as well as good car and public transport access. The building will be constructed on a plot owned by the company.

The newest OKRE office building was designed by Kuryłowicz & Associates. The building will have eight stories above ground, with the ground floor earmarked for retail. The underground garage allows parkings for 134 cars. A bicycle storage is planned for 64 bicycles next to a cloakroom with showers. Interior space arrangements will provide all work places with a window view. The design of the building is in accordance with all thermal and noise level requirements. Materials used for finishing and fitting out the building will not release any above norm organic emissions. Elements of the building (external or internal) particularly exposed to potential damage will be made from solid materials or will be appropriately secured. Heating and A/C installation (incorporated in ceilings) allow individual settings for each room and areas used by people. The toilettes use water saving devices.

Ronnie Richardson, OKRE Development CEO said‒ „By deciding upon the Grójecka Offices development we continue our tradition of excellence for the business community. This involves providing business’s only the most sought for products. Here I have in mind human and environment friendly buildings, which also are economical for tenants. In our office buildings nobody is billed for media in relation to rented space, but only for actually used media, precisely measured. This generates savings for every tenant and this is what today’s market expects. This type of property development is in the best tradition of our firm and I am happy that it is well appreciated in Poland”.

The Grójecka Offices building was graded „Excellent” according to BREEAM certification system and ranks second in Poland as concerns sustainable office buildings. The assessment of the project was carried out by Grontmij Polska. Commenting on the certificate given to Grójecka Offices the Grontmij representative, dr inż. Marcin Gawroński said. ‒ „The elements taken into account under BREEAM are the location ( previous use of plot, access to public transport and other amenities), high energy effectiveness of the building due to use of modern technologies, elements serving a high quality working environment, the system of using rainwater for flushing toilets and watering plants, carrying out several non-standard additional analysis (e.g. dynamic modelling of thermal comfort), gas burning heating and so on”.

Commenting on the benefits brought about by the preliminary „excellent” grade BREEAM certificate to tenants at the new office building Marcin Gawroński added: „The main thing is the provision of high quality of internal environment. This means access to daylight and windowviews, possibility of individual control over all systems, high air quality due to highly efficient ventilation and the use of finishing materials with low emission of organic compounds, plus appropriate thermal and noise levels”.

The investor is OKRE Grójecka sp. z o.o., whereas the entity responsible for property management and rental is OKRE Development. OKRE Development is a company consisting of two Belgian groups with over thirty years on the international real estate market.

For further information please contact:
Ronnie Richardson
OKRE Development
tel. +48 22 570 24 01


GreenWings Offices Topping Out

On August 29th 2013  the topping out of one of the newest Warsaw offices  GreenWings at 17 Stycznia Street in the near vicinity of Chopin Airport was celebrated. In compliance with tradition, there a topping out ceremony was held  for all involved in the Greenwings Office project , which will represent a state of the art office building in Warsaw and Poland.

On this day installation of equipment in the parking garage and on office floors was already advanced. Moreover, facade and raised office floors had been started up.

"GreenWings is an intelligent and maintenance-free office building that is ready to accept the most demanding tenant accustomed to using the state-of-the-art solutions",
says engineer Leszek Dzido, head of the project on behalf of CFE Polska, the general contractor.

All elements of architectural concrete that require a high level of expertise have been successfully implemented. Unique permanent vertical external blinds designed by JEMS Architekci office – designers of GreenWings office – have successfully passed strength tests in a specialist aerodynamics tunnel of Cracow University of Technology. Leszek Dzido said that the general contractor has received thanks from the Cracow University for the possibility of running a multi-surface study of such specific and innovative element of façade architecture. The head of their research team that was responsible for the tests of the trial elements underlined that Poland has no tradition and culture of aerodynamics research on building façade and hence this was a very interesting issue and project for any research centre.

"Topping out GreenWings Offices constitutes one of the main milestones in this widely-expected business investment. Works are done according to the schedule and the office will be finished on February 2014. However, it will be given to the use in two months at the latest. The office arouses great interest thanks to its rarely-seen modernity and energy-efficiency. Today, these parameters are of crucial importance for any tenant"
, says Ronnie Richardson, of OKRE Development on the topping out day.