OKRE Development and its SPVs change the address

OKRE Development and all SPVs from the OKRE Group have changed the address for an office at Greenwings Offices:
ul. 17 Stycznia 48, 02-146 Warsaw (Poland).
The change of the address relates to following SPVs:
- OKRE Development Sp. z o.o.
- OKRE Grójecka Sp. z o.o.
- OKRE Saperska Sp. z o.o.
- Greenwings Offices Sp. z o.o.
- Retail City Sp. z o.o.
- D&V Properties Ltd. Sp. z o.o.
- E&L Invest Sp. z o.o.
- Freehome 3 Sp. z o.o.
- Na Skraju Lasu Sp. z o.o.
- Warsaw Retail Park Sp. z o.o.

Other data of the SPVs (KRS, NIP, REGON) hasn't changed.


OKRE Development is entering new business sectors with new shareholder and management

There has been a change in ownership structure of OKRE Development. The present two Belgian shareholders – Koramic Real Estate NV and Otreco NV – have been joined by a the Belgian Futurn NV. The latter is active in logistics and industrial real estate. Thanks to the change, Poland-based OKRE Development will gain new experience and competence in the above mentioned sectors of the real estate market. The company will take a more proactive approach in terms of acquisitions of new projects.

Starting from January 1st, Maciej Lewandowski is the new Chief Executive Officer of the company. Ronnie Richardson will continue to be the President of OKRE Development until the end of the year but due to reaching his retirement age he will gradually hand over his current tasks.

Maciej Lewandowski is 43 years old and a graduate from Wroclaw University of Economics. Earlier Mr Lewandowski was employed by HB Reavis and Skanska Property Poland. Mr Lewandowski has been connected to the real estate market for 17 years.

OKRE Development has been operating in Poland since 1994. The company is currently focusing on office and residential developments. The recent company's flagship developments include in Warsaw GreenWings Offices and Grojecka Offices as well as "Na Skraju Lasu" housing estate in Poznan, which has entered its third phase of construction.


M.P. Polska new tenant of GreenWings Offices

M.P. Polska will move into GreenWings Offices in February of next year. A well-knownand reputed company which is focused on office arrangements and furnishing of officefurniture will have its own showroom and office at GreenWings. M.P. Polska will joinGoodyear Dunlop Tires Polska, CFE Polska, Fagerhult, City Service Grupa Techniczna,ZZN/City Service, Air Products and Tavola as an additional tenant. 

Ronnie Richardson, President of OKRE Development, commented on the new tenancycontract: "Leasing of office and showroom space in GreenWings Office by M.P. Polska is verymeaningful from our point of view. A company that is known for its superior office designsdecided to lease with us. Which does imply that our concept was appreciated by M.P. Polska.We aim to provide tenants with an out of common office building and to be a precursor interms of design. We suppose that is no coincidence that a company that operates in the worldfurniture design and office interior architecture has chosen to move into GreenWings. This isa message for our tenants that even those which are very knowledgeable how a modernoffice building should look like – are pleased with what GreenWings Offices offers them". 

M.P. Polska has been active on Polish market since 1994. It provides its clients withfurniture, separation walls and carpeting besides offering overall office design solutions incooperation with its interior architects. Director Jolanta Dabrowska, of M.P. Polska,commented the office and showroom renting: "The prestige of our company which has beenbuilt up over years is also associated with the building in which our office and showroom arelocated. By offering our solutions to companies and global corporations we want to showthem how architecture creates trends by style and innovative solutions. Such standards aremade available by GreenWings Offices. The office building has aroused great interest ofarchitects and interior designers since the beginning of its construction. This is why we havedecided that it is our option of choice for our new office and showroom. We are pleased thatM.P. Polska provided as well the furniture for its lobby, canteen and conference rooms."